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Suntop laser portable CO2 laser marking machine the introduction:

Machine adopts America CO2 RF laser generator and high speed galvo scanner system.

Machine with high quality optic devices, high stability laser generator, fully automatic control system.

The machine system working with high precision and fast speed, very stable performance, can work continuously for a long time and can be applied directly in large quantities of online processing lines.

Suntop portable CO2 laser marking machine the main features:

Adopt the original America brand SYNRAD or China top brand DAVI brand RF metal laser generator, lifetime up to 50,000 hours.

● Red light preview, clear marking position.

● High speed Galvo scanner, fast speed, high precision, stable function.

● Full set imported optic lenses, low consumption, good focus performance.

● Support the automatic number jump and counting function.

● Supprt PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other format, execute SHX, TTF font directly, support automatic code, serial number, batch number, two-dimensional, bar code marking, and graphic anti-marking function available.

● Windows interface adopted, compatible with Coredraw, Autocad, photoshop etc.

Suntop Laser CO2 laser marking machine the application materials:

Various nonmetal materials, widely used in leather, wood, textile, plastic, sings, packages, crafts, electronics, communication, watch,glasses, printing, decoration and other industries etc.

Item Name Parameter of portable CO2 laser marking machine
Model ST-CO2L30
Machine structure available Static marking,dynamic marking and portable model
Laser Power 30W (60W and 100W optional)
Laser wavelength 10.64μm
Laser type Imported America SYNRAD or Chinese DAVI RF metal tube laser
Beam diameter 2.5mm +0.5mm
Repeat frequency 20KHz-80KHz
Min linear width 0.01mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy 0.03mm
Max. Marking area 300×300mm (depend on the laser power)
Rated power consumption 1200W
Operating voltage 110V- 240V/50-60 Hz/15A
Cooling Air Cooling
Packing size (floor type) 630*450*650CM (L*W*H)
Gross weight 50KG
Package Standard export wooden case

Some real samples of Suntop desktop CO2 laser marking machine as follows:

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