Small cutting size fiber laser cutting machine (ST-FC6060)

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Machine introduction:

1, Low operation cost, fast Cutting Speed, Low Maintenance, High Cutting Accuracy.

2, this kinds of small size Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is suitable for small metal sheet high precision cutting;

3, Machine size is small and light, with laser protective cabinet, meet the CE standard, easy to move and save space;

4, Machine no consumable, maintenance-free and has long life are the most advantage of our this small cutting size Fiber Laser Cutting machine;

5, Most excellent laser beam quality, it has the smaller focus, high efficiency, high precision and very smooth cutting quality;

6, High cutting speed, the speed is 2-3 times compare to the same high laser power CO2 laser cutting machine;

7, Stable operation, we adopt the world's famous fiber laser generator, have stable performance, perfect laser beam, the core components can service up to 100,000 hours'

8, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, it's the 3 times compare to the high power CO2 laser cutting machine;

9, Low cost, save energy and protect the environment, photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25-30%, low power consumpation is about 20-30% of the traditional CO2 laser cutting machine;

10, less maintenance, fiber optical cable transmission without mirrors, have good beam transmission rate, and save maintenance costs, free of maintenance, no need to adjust the laser beam any more.

Machine main features:

1,Widely used in glasses, electronics, electrical appliances and other precision machinery hardware, microelectronics industry;

2, 600 ℃ high temperature heat treatment, 24 hours with the furnace cooling, 8 m gantry milling finishing, precision carbon dioxide protection welding, to ensure that 20 years of normal use without deformation;

3, Guide installation and commissioning using precision collimator test, the accuracy of less than 0.01mm;

4, High precision, fast speed, smooth cutting surface without burrs, configuration Japan Yaskawa or Panasonic inertia servo system transmission accuracy is high;

Machine application materials:

The small size Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is widely applied for cutting carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel sheet, pickling board, and many kinds of metal materials.

Machine application industry:

It's widely applied in sheet metal processing, aviation, spaceflight, electronics, electrical appliances, subway parts, automobile, machinery, precision components, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevator, household appliances, gifts and crafts, tool processing, adornment, advertising, metal foreign processing various manufacturing processing industries.

Machine application onsite photos:

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Machine parameters:

Laser processing range 600*600mm
Max. output Laser power 1000W(1500W, 2000W optional)
Cutting thickness 0.1-8mm (depend on various   kinds of metal     materials)
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01mm/m
Maximum operating speed 40m/min
Maximum acceleration 0.5G
Machine weight 1000kg
Machine running temperature 0℃-40℃
Transmission Grinding precision screw drive
Machine Dimensions 2160 *   2112 * 1630mm (L*W*H)

Laser Cutting Samples:

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