Ultra-high precision small fiber laser cutter (ST-FC6060L)

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Ultra-high Precision small cutting size fiber laser cutting machine with linear motor and dual ball screw transmission


Machine features:

1, Smart and small desigh, full enclosed laser protective cabinet, light and accurate, the repeated position accurate up to ±0.004mm.

2, The equipment adopts a closed marble structure, to ensure that the strength of each part of the machine to meet the load changes, to ensure the dynamic and static precision of the machine.

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3,The machine is driven by linear motor to ensure the accuracy of long-term cutting.

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4, We use of advanced technology of fiber laser, stable performance, key components long service life, maintenance free, free of consumption. Machine with marble countertop structure to ensure the precision and long-term no deformation, adop the rail guides and double ball screw drive type.

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5, The cutting head has the function of automatic calibration and autofocus, and the user can adjust and change different materials and plates of different thickness at any time, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

6, The lower part of the machine is equipped with a chip car, which can collect the waste and small parts in the production process, and is equipped with smoke and dust vent.

7, Easy to operate, CAD graphics can be imported for processing, cutting data can be saved.

Laser cutting head:

1, It is equipped with a special cutting head for optical fiber laser and a capacitive non-contact automatic tracking system, which can adjust the focal length to ensure the best cutting effect of the whole plate and avoid scrapping caused by the change of focal length when the material is uneven;

2, The focal length of the focusing mirror: f=120mm, using coaxial blowing cutting, to ensure the cutting quality;

3, The focusing mirror barrel and cutting head have the functions of automatic calibration and autofocus, so that users can adjust and replace different materials and plates of different thickness at any time, which greatly improves the working efficiency;

4, The cutting head contains protective lens to reduce the consumption of expensive consumables such as reflector and focusing lens;

5, As the cutting head is equipped with non-contact sensing device, under the control of the system, the stable z-axis floating function can be realized, which directly eliminates the impact of uneven plates on the cutting quality;

6, The cutting head adopts flexible design, with fast anti-collision protection function and flexible automatic reset function, which can automatically stop cutting and flexibly deviate and reset when accidental collision occurs, and can automatically return to the original cutting point when cutting continues, so that the whole cutting work is not affected.

Laser indicating system:

The fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a laser indicating system (red light indicating) to help the operator calibrate the laser cutting head at any position on the plate. Semiconductor red light wavelength (638nm).

Slag discharge system:

The bottom of the bed is equipped with a chip cart, which can collect the waste and small parts in the production process.

 Machine main technical parameters:

Machine   model ST-FC6060L (other size can be customized)
Working   table effective cutting size 600×600(mm)
Laser power Fiber laser with 1000W/1500W/2000W   (QCW   laser optional depend on the actual material type and cutting requirements)
Drive control system High   precision linear motors
Focus length 120mm
X and Y   axis Moving speed 60m/min
Max. Acceleration 1.5g
Stroke 600*600mm
Positional accuracy ±0.01mm
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.004mm
Z axis Stroke 100mm
  Ambient temperature -10℃45℃
  Relative humidity <90° no   condensation
  Power requirement 380V±10% 220V±10% 50H

Machine application industries:

ST-FC6060L series high precision laser cutting machine is specially designed and produced for 3C industry and the electronic ceramic sheet high precision cutting, compared with the traditional sheet metal laser cutting machine, it has higher speed and precision, better cutting effect, sample processing pictures as follows for reference:

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