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Two different kinds of structure UV laser marking machine as follows:


This model for static laser marking


Flying UV laser coding machine on production line

Suntop Laser UV laser marking machine introduction:

Low Power DPSS UV Lasers(3W/5W/10W) is featured with compact structure with extremely convenient installation and debugging.

They have adopted the built-in laser diode technology to avoid the effect of fiber shaking on output laser.

The UV beam quality is excellent enough to ensure the stability and reliability for mass production, which can meet the special manufacturing and processing demand in harsh industrial working condition.

It can be integrated on production line marking for production date, S/N number etc.

It can mark and engrave all materials.

It's the cooling laser which for heat sensitive plastics materials have a very good and smooth marking without any damage on the materials surface.


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Suntop Laser UV laser marking machine the main features:

• Stable output of power and pulse width

• Excellent beam quality, M²<1.2

• High beam pointing stability

• Wide repetition rate range:20-200kHz

• Controllable with RS232 interface

• Unique Intracavity frequency doubling technology.

• Triggerable external.

Technical parameters of UV laser marking machine

Model ST-UV03
Laser power 3W (5W/7W/10W/15W optional)
Laser wavelength 355nm
Laser type UV laser source
Beam diameter ≤ 10mm
Repetition Rates 20-200KHz 50KHz-100KHz
Pulse width <20ns@40kHz135ns
Beam-pointing Stability <25μrad
Ambient temperature 10-35℃
Rated power consumption 1500W

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